Security Hardening on Office 365

Protect your organisation's intellectual property by securing the platform your staff uses to access confidential company information daily, from an office or on-the-go: Office 365.

Security design and implementation. Advanced deployment of up to 80-Hours.
1 Month Free

Office 365 account takeovers are on the rise as cybercriminals use phishing attacks and other social engineering techniques to impersonate users and gain unauthorised access to organisations' personal and sensitive information. Securing Office 365 has become vital to protect digital assets, such as confidential information and personally identifiable data. Activate built-in Office 365 security features, smartly, such as the Office 365 Secure Score, multi-factor authentication, cloud app security, and data loss prevention for Exchange Online, SharePoint Online,  OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams.

The Office 365 licensing is excluded from this offer.

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